24 December 2008

Letter to Senator Nick Michin

From: Justin Lee
To: Nick Minchin
Sent: Wed 24/12/2008 10:46 AM
Subject: Conroy's filtering fiasco

Hi Nick,

I was pleased with the comments (http://www.news.com.au/technology/story/0,28348,24840348-5014239,00.html) you made today about Conroy’s planned Internet filter. They echo the unanimous views of outraged users and professionals in the industry throughout the country. We condemn this policy not because of fears about freedom of speech, not because we fear losing access to streaming adult content, but because the means are not justified by an end that will never be achieved by this idiotic policy. It is a bad implementation of a bad policy with no moral or social justification.

He should be investigating how technology can be effectively used to find and prosecute those carrying out these evil crimes online, not just sending the URL to a black list whenever images showing sick individuals ruining the lives of defenceless children are discovered.

It is as if the policy was not bad enough, he had to make it worse by attempting to filter peer-to-peer traffic, which will be even more ineffective and detrimental to the quality of our Internet services. Perhaps someone should explain to him what encryption is. It appears it never dawned upon him that word might get around that the government is scrutinising the content of peer-to-peer traffic and users will just encrypt their data. He appears to be desperate to save his policy train wreck.

It is my honest opinion that he needs to be sacked. This is hardly the time for the government and businesses to be wasting money on a politically motivated scheme that will only trash a vital part of our communications infrastructure.

Have a happy and safe Christmas,
Justin Lee

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