27 February 2011

Sportsbet closes bet on Labor leader at the next federal election

Sportsbet just closed the bet on the person to lead the ALP at the next federal election, but has kept open the bet on the Liberal leader. Bill Shorten was briefly favoured to lead Labor at $2.00 with Julia Gillard at $2.50 just after she announced her plans to introduce a price on carbon a couple of days ago. The bet was still available when Google captured a snapshot of the page on 26 February 14:14 AEDST.

Google's cache of https://www.sportsbet.com.au/sports/event/SportID/65/CompetitionPID/27107/RoundPID/29489/EventID/1745324/MenuLevel/C

20 February 2011

Eric Ripper foolishly brings up Alannah MacTiernan in his attack on Troy Buswell

Eric Ripper might recall that Alannah MacTiernan lost her licence twice for drink driving and a third time for speeding.

She stayed on in the transport portfolio despite misleading the public about her previous driving offences.When asked whether it was her first time, she said "No, I lost my licence in '94, I think it was, yeah, '94"—she lost her licence for drink driving in 1986 as well as 1994.

MacTiernan's conduct was debated in Parliament on 2/5/2001: