25 November 2007

The Narcissism of Kevin Rudd

There is no question that Kevin Rudd is narcissistic, given what I've independently observed and comments made by others who have gotten close to him, including a backbencher within the ALP. The question is how narcissistic. This is an important question about Kevin Rudd's personality that needs to be answered. Some of his behaviour can be strange, such as his chameleon-like ability to say, be, or do whatever he wants at any point in time regardless of how contradictory it is to the choices that were made before. If he just has the common every day self-centredness that aggravates people but he still puts the nation first, that's fine.

At the other end of the continuum is pathological narcissism. Some people who have had the misfortune of knowing someone with pathological narcissism will tell you that they never would have guessed at first, and by the time they realised their true nature it was too late and the relationship had already taken a substantial personal toll.

Anyway, this is enough for now and I'll just wait and see what he is like before speculating on his character.

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